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What an easy formula. String the brand and the message together to create an ad. Well…I’m tired with this execution.

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.....mm. that lady looks asleep... not dead.

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She should look asleep. Would you put a photo of a dead girl on your mobile display?

msred's picture
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no that'll be creepy.

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Hi Ivan,

what's so great abt this ad? how come this one in the front page? well, if the idea is 'coffin', even that doesn't come thru.

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chintan ruparel
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no wait...i like this ad...so simple and to the point! its saying what it has to, so effectively...good one

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

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Thank you. The first one with a positive comment.
I was already gonna doubt this ad,
allthough it recently won a bronze Eurobest in London.

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Well, after seeing awful executions of this idea in the exhibition area, I must say that this agency has solved the case. Good job.

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I like it.

Also had the same comment abt the art direction about her looking like shes sleeping, and I acknowledge the reply that nobody would put a dead person as a pic on their display, but I think I woulda pushed it subtly a little more towards looking like she could be dead.

Otherwise, very nice.

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simple and straight to the point ,, life is so easy why to complicate it?

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I think this it pretty good, not great, but good.

Sometimes the combination trick works.
In this case I would say aproved!

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Simple idea. But that lady looks asleep not dead

msred's picture
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thats wat i said.

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Have Heart
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Nice one. Good thought, good execution. Can somebody please stop brainless idiots commenting ads?!

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i like the ad. it simple and relevant.

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she should be wearing clothing. i think that's why she looks asleep, it looks like she's taking a nap in the nude. if they gave her some god awful dress, and put some makeup on her, she'd look more like she was in a coffin. and maybe use a satin pillow, often the insides of a coffin are very intricate, with beautiful colours of fabric and special gathering sewing techniques used.
they could have made it more realistic, but ultimately, i like the idea, the art direction gets a 6/10.

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"Hi Ivan,
what's so great abt this ad? how come this one in the front page? " : thelastword dude, every NEW idea/campaign good or bad comes to the front page. Front page doesn't say " these are the best entries " ; it says " these are the latest entries".

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Disco Munky
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Good idea. Art direction could have been better. That said, I could also have been born with massive tits and no butt hole, so I guess we'll just forget abut it for now. Later

Doin' it for the points

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daniel upputuru
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zebras ki le raha hain kya bushes mai

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Disco Munky
3890 pencils

well, when you put it that way.

Doin' it for the points

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me thinks
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I see no evil! I love it. Cheers, guys.

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