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I feel like there are two concepts colliding with this piece:

1) M&Ms as the halftoned "ink" in a picture (lots of possibilities with that concept)
2) M&Ms being a part of the happy moments in our lives

I like BOTH of these ideas. I don't feel that they are working particularly well together here though. We are zoomed in so far that I can't really see the picture, I can only read a little description of it. This doesn't make me "feel" the emotion of the moment that the M&Ms are part of.


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I prefer the other one as an execution, but I like the thinking behind these.

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can somebody explain, i just dont get these...

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Ivan, I think you inter-change the name of this ad,
its title is "Friends in the pool paying cards in sunny summer day"
As you can realize, there is a pool, grass, a Spanish gambling cards.

Already done in Spain by the way. (Two times)

Grass is always green in the other side.

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way too abstract to engage me on any level but confusion

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Is its target print/design people?...I don't think this works

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