Family, 2

March 2009

Print advertisment created by BBDO, Malaysia for M&M's, within the category: Confectionery, Snacks.

Advertising Agency: BBDO/Proximity Malaysia
Chief Creative Officer: Ronald Ng
Executive Creative Director: Mun
Art Directors: Mun, Pebble Goh
Copywriter: Joanne Chow

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Blair Semenoff's picture
Blair Semenoff
Activity Score 651

It took a bit for me to get it, but ya that's pretty good

Guest's picture

i like it lots!

Guest's picture

me nots!

Ad_boy's picture
Activity Score 95

Me dots! (Sorry, I know that was stupid.)Maybe it's because I'm a sucker for graph visuals and stuff like that, but I actually do like these, especially for their simplicity which (to me) a product like M&M's lends itself to. I don't agree with one of the other commentators who says it's the same thing 3 times over - I kinda like campaigns that reinforce their central creative platform. My only criticism would be that if you are meant to read the illustration as a family tree, then it would be impossible for "Blue" and "Yellow" to have conceived "Green". Because in the world of M&M's, both of them are male.

^ ^

Gorilla Lover's picture
Gorilla Lover
Activity Score 84

Wait. You mean yellow and blue make... Green? Holy %&!@. If only I could wrap my head around that.

whitespace's picture
Activity Score 1953

Basic colour mixing in the art class, good fella.

Guto Araki's picture
Guto Araki
Activity Score 158

Genetics guys... not color mixing...


blue AA x aa yellow

Result on:

Aa , Aa , Aa , Aa

Which means:

Aa - dominant+recessive = green (100% chance)

jsptrck404's picture
Activity Score 437

sarcasm guys. google it.

| think small |

Guest's picture

The unending battle between arts and science. hahaha conclusion is, the message is not clear.

Guest's picture

great job guys... congrats.

527jellybeans's picture
Activity Score 50

Ad_boy added a fresh insight to this otherwise boring ad..

Guest's picture

Brilliant! all 3 campaigns.. if you know genetics stuff you'll appreciate it.

Blair Semenoff's picture
Blair Semenoff
Activity Score 651

It took a bit for me to get it, but ya that's pretty good

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