Mizuno Running Shoes: Moneybox

Designed to accelerate.

Advertising Agency: JWT Singapore
Executive Creative Director: Tay Guan Hin
Creative Director: Ali Shabaz
Associate CD / Art Director: Thomas Yang
Copywriter: Andrew McKechnie
Art Director: Faye Wong
Agency Producers: Sandra Ong, Daphne Ng
Other Credits: Sebastien Siah - The Shooting Gallery
Retouching: Suon, William Lin - Wishing Well
Account Handlers: Merwin Chew, Collette Pereira


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paulo maia

What is this????

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can't get it

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Sandeep Sinnarkar

Guess it's the kind of cubicle you had in Star Trek that sends you away to some other place in a jiffy.

The shoe makes the process even faster is what they're trying to say I guess.

Funny but not working for me. Clumsy job!

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So he'll be able to pick the money faster...hmmm, kinda stupid.

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Not that I really care or like it, but how come the retoucher is in the credits but not the photographer?

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Ross Casanovas
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Hahahahha...just look at these visuals, it's like the art director sat down and said "now, what would look MOST camp?". The imagery just doesn't seem to be for the Singapore market at all. Another attempt at metal, I suppose...

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