Mitsubishi Space Wagon: Spacious, 1

Advertising Agency: Asatsu, Thailand
Executive Creative Director: Taweechai Pongmaneerattana
Associate Creative Director: Pat Svetamra
Associate Creative Group Head: Noppadol Suntraviratana
Art Director: Phasu Chitrakorn
Copy Writer: Kunthakorn Smitananda
Photographer & Retouch: Studio de NAGARA
Published: June 2008


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So what ? Does this sells ??????

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yous needs to learn spellings firsts.

nice ad.

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and u need some savoir vivre lessons.
what a dumbass u should be in the real life..

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well put

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For fun ad and look familiar to people

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a thought bubble is cliche, but that speech bubble is just confusing.

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Visuals are ok. Copy would have made this better.

I think, therefore... yeah.

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its really a nice work, i dont understand why people dont like it.

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manu adithya
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good work! nice

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creo que esta bueno pero sin la burbuja con el auto, creo que el cliente quería ver su producto en la foto. Pero me parece un poco mas conceptual sin esa horrorosa burbuja con el auto. Y el copy podría mejorar mucho.

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I see it like this:
The driver is thinking about how Mitsubishi SW is little in the inside. I. E. That speach-bubble does not reflect the way she's dreaming about new car, it's showing more how she is thinking about her uncomfortable car - the Space Wagon.

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i like this one

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