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complicated idea

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If it's automatic transmission then shouldn't the hand be free now. So what's the foot saying?

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With manual transmission you need your left foot for the clutch. With automatic the foot is free.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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The idea isnt coming through !

Karthik M.
> karthikm.gd@gmail.com

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think too smart and force...imagine consumer will not straight away gets it and the ad is lost. Too many steps...

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Bob Cruz
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Too contrived...it really misses the point. Could have bee



Design, to the point that it matters.

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i don`t get it

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Automatic transmission - so no need to use the left leg for the pedal - so can be used to hold the cigarette.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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what is the f**k is this..??????

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I don't know it looks like someone else foot, if it was obviously his it might make more sense. Interesting though

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moni PR
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its really complicated execution

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Ice Lenny
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Let me think like the consumer, 'this car must be so small there is no legroom at the back.

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Well.. its a little complicated for the average consumer, but any one who has a knack for revving the beasts.. and experience with the clutch will get it immediately.. I feel the creativity deserves an applause.

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