Mitsubishi Lancer GTI. 16V: Police

Advertising Agency: ToroVazquezMora / Fischer América, Colombia
Creative Directors: Andres Mejía
Art Director: Andres Mejía
Copywriter: Edward Jaramillo
Illustrator: Robert Paz
Photographer: Juan David Betancourt
Published: March 2008


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Mr Hughes
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that works

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242 pencils

i dont get it

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Poorly executed.

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In a Mistubishi Lancer, even if you are speeding, police chasing you in their cop mobile would seem riding a kid's tricycle...??!!

Now am I correct? or reading too much?

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You're damn right vidya. It seems quite hard to get for some, according to the comments below. I got it instantly and find it funny, though the art could be better.

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In a Mitsubishi Lancer, the superbikes of the cops looks like a Kid's tricycle... because the "power" of the car??.... c'mon its not too difficult

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ernesto p
76 pencils

cuál es la idea que está antes de la segunda???

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1237 pencils

Volvete serio, Edward!!! (mentiras, aguanta!!!)


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360 grados
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Wouldn't it be funnier if he was on the trike?

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nice gaijin
815 pencils

but then they might actually need to take the photo themselves, instead of cruft a bunch of stock images together.

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Crisp One
2007 pencils

I don't know, to me the cop on a bike metaphor for fast anything has been abused too much.

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laureano matias
17 pencils

So funny, v nice.

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2685 pencils


i thought it is so sloW that all he need is a tricycle..


matks's picture
475 pencils

Exactly. It was my first thought too, and actually the second "correct" interpretation is less obvious. Maybe these guys work secretly for Suzuki?

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4 pencils

Quiero un auto asi de veloz
Es una idea graciosa, ver un poli ridiculizado asi
linda fotografia.

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26 pencils

I like the idea but this ad also can be used to promote the VW GTI.

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Have Heart
922 pencils

So what?!?!?!

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It looks like bad Photoshop to me.

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coooooooooooooooool idea....keep it up

Infected by a virus called CREATIVE | "And ya I Love Everything" |

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Moe Al_mahayni
86 pencils

maybe he should have had a speeding radar camera with him?
the small tricycle does not look like it belongs to the cop.

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Rami Qaddoumi
214 pencils

nice one

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7611 pencils

i like it too... very nice

| Everartz |

nC's picture
50 pencils

very great idea.
If the car outlook could be place with the tag must me better.
however, the image is too quiet, some speedy elements would be added could be more interesting.

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Jon-Paul Mountford
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Bad, bad, bad.
Whoever the retoucher is, he/she should hang up their mouse and tablet.
Where to start, bad shadows, lighting's all over the place the perspective is way off. I agree with GANGIN, it may have actually, have been worth consideration if the execution wasn't sooo awfull. This is the "We'll fix it in post" mindset, just didn't pay off this time.
Should have been done on location instead attempting to cobble it together digitally.
As for done ideas, 80% of what we work on is a new take on an old idea. At least if it's well done you can appreciate the artwork.

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john doe
1571 pencils

usually i support every pleading for good photography and proper retouching. but this is actually not that bad. ok some bad shadows... ok light overall... but it surely doesn't ruin the whole ad. still at least 5/10.

Jon-Paul Mountford's picture
Jon-Paul Mountford
889 pencils

okkay 4.2 then.
Mitz are not short of a quid or two, so the budget has leeched away somwhere. Even a mildly talented person, with basic retouching skill could have made a better job!

Given them a pair of scissors and some glue, probably still could have made a better job.
So many out there with real skill, no excuse.

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365 pencils

Does colombian cops wear this suit? He looks like american to me.
Anyway the idea is nice...

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1262 pencils

nice, i like it

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pretty good
364 pencils

Oh, come on been done years ago.

kgeiger's picture
7173 pencils

I have to agree, even if I don't have any proof...

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40 pencils

This is good. I think it works perfectly well. Good job guys!! Plus I don't remember seeing this concept before, which is amazing for a classical subject as this one. But I might be wrong... :-)

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951 pencils

done. a man at the traffic lights in his sports car, the guy next to it is on a tricycle.
don't remember the brand.

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266 pencils

at first sight it gives me the impression that lancer is slow, you just need a tricycle to chase it... and I am not the only one am I right... If so this means that the ad is trash... I didint like it... come on guys it is mitsubishi lancer... it is a classic... this ad is wrong and too weak...

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595 pencils

Not so bad.

elyoshiro's picture
545 pencils

Me gusta la idea, pero el photoshopazo se ve mal.
Imagino que utilizaron un policia vestido así para que la pieza se vea mas internacional.

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otrova gomas
47 pencils

Very good idea. I want a Lancer.I like the color.

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195 pencils

me gusta, la idea está buena viejo yeguar

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6 pencils

Cool idea but verry bad executed.

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246 pencils

decent idea. Why not have the cop sitting on the tricycle with the speed gun? Oh well.

kinder's picture
4 pencils

muy buena.

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laureano matias
17 pencils

good. Nice n funny ad
I like the picture color - nice work guys

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968 pencils

Execution needs to improve. A lot.

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46 pencils

Me parece muy buena idea un recurso distinto para decir en los tipicos avisos de foto que un auto es rapido. tal vez solo se tenga que retocar un poco mejor al policia. Arreglando eso, esta fenomena.

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30 pencils

Love it. Simple, and very funny. Nice job...

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