Mitsubishi Evolution: Lips

They will see something beautiful in you.

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett Costa Rica
Executive Creative Director: Douglas Castro
Creative Director / Copywriter: David Carvajal
Art Director: Yoshua León
Photographer: Tadeuz Jalocha
Other additional credits: Jennifer Caldwell
Published: July 2009

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May be :)

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I.. want.. to.. slap.

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just write
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so y dont u kiss him.. instead of putting it here :)

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so the idea is: Chicks go wild for that guy because of his car but won't admit it and DESPERATELY look for a reason less shallow?
The execution should rather show a biggger car and a smaller guy. and the line should say 'They will see something beautiful in you TOO.' still hard to understand for the average guy

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Kinda obvious what it's about before you even look at the car. I'm not saying the ad is perfect, I'm just saying the message carries out pretty well.

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I'm afraid of getting a car like this 'cause I fear of finding a face like that inside.

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thanks to this campaign I'm really glad, I'm not Evo's owner

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con una es suficiente por Dios

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That's an amazing car... The lips, ...hmm... I'm not too sure about that.

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someone told me that the models are agency members, true?

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Aja. 2 de los 4 son parte de la agencia. Y?

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