Mitsubishi Evolution: Curls

They will see something beautiful in you.

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett Costa Rica
Executive Creative Director: Douglas Castro
Creative Director / Copywriter: David Carvajal
Art Director: Yoshua León
Photographer: Tadeuz Jalocha
Other additional credits: Jennifer Caldwell
Published: July 2009

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No comments :D

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Please, Mr. Bickov. No comment!! I tried to watch your page, but it says nothing. Like your comments. They are not realy helpfull. Why don´t you tell what you don´t like. You comment like a spam-machine. This is verry disrespectfull: "…I like." "I don´t like." "no comment" What do you like? What do you don´t like? Whats your intention to comment every single Ad so unsubstantial? Or would you like to become the Ads of the Worldmobbingmaniac?

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Agree with Ganbah

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just write
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we're commentless on his...

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Awful ad (as all of them).
I think Subaru should pay for this campaign :)

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Totally agree with this comments

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the guy isn't ugly enough :)

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I agree, to make the concept even more evident they should have put uglier guys, so "no matter how atrocious you may look the car will improve your image and help you to get girls" that's a pretty Latin way to think...

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It's a male way of thinking, actually. I mean it always matter (more or less). However saying directly this car is being bought for such reason is... inappropriate frankness. These ads saying: "you are unattractive, so buy our car", in other words "Lancer Evo - perfect car for ugly guys and losers" and that's very bad message.

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I like your analysis. <3

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I completely agree

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Friend really great analysis.NICE


~ Quite obviously, I have gathered no moss ! ~

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The ads are funny, but somewhat ambiguous, and slightly cryptic. Also the fact that they all have a "short" for a Spanish name steers the campaign into another direction. One needs to understand what the Evo-X is all about yes, and these ads, though execution-wise are great, don't relate much to the product, the experience, and or the results.

The Evo-x is a performance machine, far from beauty. its design, all the way back to that hideous spoiler have been brought up by Mitsubishi's legendary Rally DNA. The car's positioning is not to be pretty, or good looking, or generate "seeing something pretty", but much to the contrary, an eye sore that can burn through red lights like incendiary napalm.

Those are my two cents and are purely personal.

I do happen to be very seasoned in the automotive area, specially about these 20-30 yr old rice burner-segment (heck i own one), and I also hold a degree in graphic and interactive communication. I own several branding and design businesses and have nothing to say but good constructive things, if anybody listens.

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Love this ads! It's different guys!

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different is not enough

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Wrangler's "We are animals"..... Think about "Arkadiusz"....

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a car and garments are two completely different categories, don't you think?

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Je besoin d'avoir cette voiture.... ixxxxxxxxxx.... j'aime beaucoup les ads!! Salut

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these ads are basically saying that you will see at least one thing you like about the car if you dont like the whole thing.

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opposite of u
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bickov is a pencil junkie..posting comments just to be number one in pencils. fix your page, show your work and then start changing something with your comments, they are pointless so far..

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