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three times one idea. For what? Idea is quite okay although.

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I don't think it a very strong line.., and i don't like the art eighter!

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I loved Linea ! The line works in french, the translation isn't very strong.
Funny ad

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Good idea but only for old people. I don't think youth know original Linea.

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Are you calling me old?! ;)

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I have seen the same one before for BIC (with homer Simpson).

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mmm its weird. The line isn't round, as the pencil's end

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oooooohhh man! This is really naive! Strong line, weak ads.

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1D thought.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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This is terrible.
Sorry, but come on people, 'clean and simple' art direction will never make up for a lame idea.
And boy, is this idea lame.

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It's a visual pun.

I think Im good tats why Im here's picture
I think Im good...
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what's goin on here - u guys high on something?

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Ok let me explain the idea here :
"La Linea" is a cartoon character drawn by Osvaldo Cavandoli. It's very known in France and several other european countries. The whole concept of "La linea" was that the little angry character was always yelling at his creator because he kept erasing him and his surroundings.
In this ad "La Linea" is drawn with a permanent marker, which makes him unerasable thus stronger and happy to show it off.

For those who are unfamiliar with "La Linea" you can check it out here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/La_Linea_(TV_series)

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Wow! Such a simple visual need such a great deal of explaination. ZZZZZ. Anyway, this is student work.

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student work? very 80's idea.

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