Mitchell Eye Centre: Mall

Mitchell Eye Centre
Your eyes. Our focus.

Advertising Agency: Wax partnership, Canada
Creative Director: Joe Hospodarec
Art Director: Joel Arbez
Copywriter: Sebastien Wilcox
Photographer: Rik kokotovich

September 2008


Bull's Eye's picture
Bull's Eye

I love good copy in ads, but no one will ever start reading huge text blocks like this...

diegocrescini's picture
56 pencils

A good and fairly long copy with a great or fun story is always welcome. But I had to FORCE myself to read this to see if it had some kind of punchline. Wasted my time. The idea doesn't suck, maybe if the "focus" was put into a detail nobody would see, and not in a non fiction aproach to someone's car, it could be more effective.

STRTLRS's picture
1601 pencils

These work but they took a risky approach with all that copy. The only way I would read this is if I'm on a plane waiting for take off, where I'm forced to sit still and do nothing else. Will it sell? Probably not.

I think, therefore... yeah.

Andrew Richardson's picture
Andrew Richardson

The concept is good but the execution of it is lacking. The typeface was not a good choice if you want someone to read. It lacks variety in shape which makes it a pain to read. A serif typeface probably would have worked fine(square serifs so that it feels mechanical).

The amount of copy probably could be cut in half and get the same message across. The like 'you left your lights on' should have been dealt differently so we aren't FORCED to read all the copy to get it.

It's a good idea, just really poorly handled.

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Guest commenter

very good

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