Mitchell Eye Centre: Hockey Ref

A) Glasses
B) Contacts
C) Laser eye surgery
D) Cataract surgery
Call 640 20/20 or visit

Advertising Agency: WAX, Calgary, Canada
Creative Director: Joe Hospodarec
Art Director: Scott Shymko
Copywriter: Sebastien Wilcox
Photographer: Justen Lacoursiere

December 2007


sumsum's picture
615 pencils

dont get it

Kswizzle's picture
36 pencils

Is this one supposed to reference that Refs need glasses?

Doesn't work.

fen1x's picture
471 pencils

Refs are blind ?
Better will be put some kind of Senator with hand full of money and on background poor kids in Africa and change slogan for " If you cant open your eyes we can help you."

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Absolut M
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Really good!!!

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