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maybe it is meant according to the sequence... i wanted to describe it then i stopped.. i just see that it is forced!!

| Everartz |

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No fun at all.

"Talent is luck. The important thing in life is courage."

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I dont like it!, too forced.

Jonathan Betancur

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bara bara baez
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Forced that police force be that way done this you didn't much have done this way didn't you?

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veeeeeeeeeeeery bad ads.

good tagline though!

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agreed. even more shame on these ads

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i don´t think they´re bad, on the contrary, but... they´re waaaay difficult to get to a regular consumer.
maybe they´re "too intelligent" for the target, which of course doesn´t mean the target is a moron, but people are not used to this kind of idea.
I see there are lots of thought here, but maybe you could make it more simple to get.

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Cathy Watts
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I see where your going with this but the 'focus images' looses it for me. As a suggestion, what if you made it the 'landscape of your eyes is our focus'? Then have different landscapes for people to focus on.

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I like the artwork and the 'absurd' angle to these ads, it may not be all the conventional and maybe even a little too hard for the common viewer to grasp immediately, but the completely twisted explanation of how 'viewing' works is pretty damn cool IMO. I like it.

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