Mister Potato V Multi-crisp: Madcow

Eating V Multi-crisp feels like having fun while being idle!

V Multi-crisp potato chips with different kinds of flavors, such as tomato flavor, steak flavor, barbecue flavor, brings you a variety of stimulating experience.

Advertising Agency: E-Link Advertising, Guangzhou China
Creative Director: John
Art Director: Rainbow & John
Copywriter: John & Seven
Illustrator: Zhong Cao Wang
Published: January 2009


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cant get it................

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but illustration is cool!

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Jaap Grolleman
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I rarely understand Chinese ads...

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There´s some chinese here? Please, xplain.

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Well, I'm Chinese.
I guess this illustrates a strong feeling brought by eating the stimulating crisp.
eating the steak flavor one makes you feel like bullfighting. it seems scary and hurt but it just a exciting feel. In Chinese,this feeling is called "过瘾"。

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unappetizing... and the illustration is not that good, chinese illustrator usually come up with better quality

| Everartz |

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In chinese this feeling is called "BULLSHIT"

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I can't read Chinese so I'm not very sure if the ad is lost in translation. But I'm Chinese, and Chinese people like to describe exciting flavours by saying it gives a "thrill" or "shock". It's akin to saying that chilli peppers add a "kick" to a dish, or a coffee that "jolts" your senses.

So perhaps it's trying to say that the taste is so exciting, it's like it grabs you by the ass? *shrugs*

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Shut up. You just create another account Mao...

"describe exciting flavours"


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I am also Chinese, but I also think that the performance of this ad is too exaggerated, not very good

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