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Crazy stuff. Really like it. Just don't quite agree to the text box. Oh, guess Mercedes won't be too happy about this.

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"trainee sexually abused - boss got away with it!"

I doubt if a gay runaway wouldn't feel taken for a ride by this ad, to me it seems a bit like making fun of 'em.

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great art direction. the copy could've been placed better. the white box takes away from the image.

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OK. one thing I don't understand is that the concept seems to be switched in this one...

In the other two, the runaway was invisible... now is the successful business man supposed to be the runaway in this ad or the boy on his knees? From my understanding of the ad, and correct me if I'm wrong, they made the wrong person invisible... and I take quite a bit of issue in the negligence that goes along with that mistake.

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that's what I thought. okay, this particular ad is not about running away because of beeing poor or something but because of beeing gay.
i think the problem is that the other two ads show victims and this one shows a helpless visible victim and a rather dislikable business guy. not even his parents would miss this prick

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not sure why the copy for this execution is different. it would be stronger and arguably less offensive to the gay community if it said 'you left home for a reason'. i like it otherwise.

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Great work, don't like this one as much as the other two.

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Others are good. How did the idea change with this one. Bad continuity and simply confusing the issue.

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Agreed. This one is twisted, the other ones a really decent.

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what if someone died and got missing?

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One of the Greatest Idea. Im sure It will gets an award

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ohhh.. where did it go? (the penis)

Arnold Santillan

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