Missing Children: Tree

For the ones that came back and for the ones we are still searching.
Happy Children's day

Advertising Agency: SV+, Buenos Aires, Argentina
General Creative Directors: Gabriel Mahler, Christian Donatti
Art Directors: Francisco Blanco, Juan Badino, Fernando Russo
Copywriter: Christian Mondaca
Photographer: Nahuel Berger


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I am lacking some call to act in it. What was they supposed me to do under the influence of this ad? What was the advertising goal? Just showing that the problem exists?

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what about just giving money to help the association ?

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So why they don't say they need money? Why they don't showing what they could do having more money and how can I give it to them?

People are (largely ) lazy or they don't have time for searching information, therefore if the association isn't calling for help, it won't get it.

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for me it's just an informative ad, just to inform that "we" exist.

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what about just awareness? don't forget that in argentine, chile and other southamericans cuntries, the missing persons issue is heavy and strong.

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the awareness won't solve the problem

Anna Turkiewicz Advertising Agency
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speaks with heart.

they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

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just write
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copy's good... but something is missing...

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The visual is done

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merely branding? or maybe driving traffic to their site?
I assume this was published on child's day (Apr 30th, depending country), otherwise pointless

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como el orto

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Like it! Very conceptual.

It´s just an ad to remember people that missing children is still working.
Children´s day its just a special occasion to say this. Nothing more, nothing less.

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nice photography and i just respect these people for the work they are doing, keep it up

Dont waste your life taking care of It...


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good copy with a lame visual...

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Lacking call for action.

Otherwise OK


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And for the one we're still searching... for.... For.... FOR!

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I think this is nice concept bt specially designed for Children Day........

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me gusta la idea y la resolucion.. muy buen trabajo

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muy buen trabajo! tanto en la idea como en su resolución gráfica.

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