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Activity Score 294

The fish needs to come out. Need a totally different art direction.


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Activity Score 192

True the fish arent required, Art Dir not bad, the water at bottom does looked fishy though

Strike two stones with one bird

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Activity Score 69

the other 2 ones, are better than this one

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Activity Score 71

look at the half pineapple. Magic wand Tool.

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Activity Score 26

Less is more.

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Activity Score 1284


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Activity Score 288

Why not put the entire ad underwater, especially if there's fish? Those pineapple slices need some better texturing

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Activity Score 741

za7ma ya donia za7ma ( fish, 2 types of flowers, feathers, green splash, water, glass,ice, 2 logos, bubbles, 3 lines of copy, light), za7ma w taho el7abayeb (Mirinda,) za7ma wala3adsh ra7ma (comments), mooooooooled w sa7bo 3'ayeb (el creative director)

Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not.
Pablo Picasso

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Thats it Enas, its really the best Comment

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Hi Enas, thanks a lot for your nice comment ...
but just as a reply ... that is life ... you have to have the BAD comment and the good comment ... the BAD products and the good ones too ... The talented and the NOT TALENTED ... in order to be able to differentiate .. :) good luck

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Sherif Hany
Activity Score 92

Very Well Done
i like the FULL FLAVORED design concept..
Message is clear and too much effort in this piece...well done

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