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lame, old ,done, nice colors though!!!!

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very nice colors

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the gold fish went gree? oooooohhh thanks to hue saturation....

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nice gaijin
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I'm gonna need you to add some more green things in there. Yeah, anything that's even remotely green. No, I don't really care if it has anything to do with the the drink flavor. Put some tree moss on the bottle, and some green beans flying through the air, and some a puddle of vomit underneath it and call it a day.

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bad retouching

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Art director perfectly owns color, I think it the sketch, therefore a bad retouch and a collage

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im gonna throw up,this looks like so chemical and radioactive.

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a little too over-shoped

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If you removed the poinsettias that are laying on top of the bottle it would make a huge difference. The neon fish are a nice touch to grab your attention and the fan looks like it is creating some of the bubbles, which motion to the picture over all. Also if you replaced the flowering plant that is behind the bottle with another fern leaf but keep the angle upwards, then it would keep the background even but not discract from the over all focus of the bottle.
Overall, it is a great picture and I definately want to go buy a Mirinda now, which I believe was the goal.

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it's very good.

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