Mira Guide Dog Association: Man Colour

Guide dogs are vital for the blind. Donate at mira.ca.

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Montréal, Canada
Worldwide Creative Director: Erik Vervroegen
Creative Directors: Nicolas Massey, Carl Robichaud
Art Directors: Fabrice Bouty, Bastien Grisolet
Copywriter: Adrien Le Grand
Illustrator: James Jean
Art Buyers: Jean-Luc Chirio, Lauriane Dula
Account Manager: Yves Gougoux
Published: April 2013


lapin's picture
86 pencils

great choice again
vervroegen like illustrators
and they give to him the best work

Babel7's picture
22 pencils

Amazing work ! This one is my favourite !!!

certaintly's picture
4056 pencils

too much going on in my opinion.

or focus on the life/bloodline created by the dog or on the lightening of the obscure surroundings.

anyway, i found the art pretty disturbing

morse's picture
16530 pencils

Amazing art.

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

salil.sharma's picture
2278 pencils

Excellent Campaign ! I Love Illustration ! Great Job Guys

auliviet's picture
179 pencils

Beautiful !

Troll's picture
630 pencils

Dig the illustrations but not sure the detailed background does anything for the concept.
The main focus should be the person and dog being linked. Think this is a great insight and cool articulation of it.
The rest is just distracting.

uncertaintly's picture
225 pencils

I love the message, but not sure about the choice of artwork (even if it's beautiful).

The dog's face is creepy.

kleenex's picture
33776 pencils

concept is good.

Troll's picture
630 pencils

Can someone explain what the hell is going on in the background?

Edoftheworld's picture
161 pencils

nice illustration

Elvis-Da-Pug's picture
15 pencils

Woah ! Amazing job, I love the concept. It is really simple and cristal clear. The illustrations are crazy, I just love it. Great job guys

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