MIR Black: Keep black strong, 3

Advertising Agency: TBWA\Paris, France
Executive Creative Director / Creative Director: Erik Vervroegen
Copywriter: Benoit Leroux
Art Directors: Benoit Leroux
Art Buyer: Barbara Chevalier
Account Supervisors: François Michel, Nelly Manoukian
3D Designer: Baptiste Masse

June, 2008


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Cute and all, but not gold-worthy in my opinion.

Quite really.

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Not at all, especially when it was done, same idea and everything before. Can't remember what the product was but it was a bull's face made out of a black wool jersey - also 'keeps black strong'.
Done done done.

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I like it a lot. this is a cute, entertaining campaign for a detergent that doesn't claim to save the world. well done and i don't see the bulls face you describe is the same idea

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A bull in clothing wouldnt be "the same" for me.
I would like to see the ad with the bull. I think this is good and original.

mishkaa's picture
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oooo i don't get it.

maybe i am sleepy.....

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Vege Pop
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I love the amount of weird stories in these ads!! TBWA/Paris you have done it again!!!

Congrats with the gold in Cannes!

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Disco Munky
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A French agency promoting "Blackness"??....oh wait it's for detergent. They can keep on, keeping on.


Doin' it for the points

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fking crazy

Strip. Strip. Strip.

Kateter's picture
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the only target this really works for is cannes jury.

for the rest of the general public it's exactly what it's suppose to get rid off: crap.

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leaking bucket.
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These are great. Nice and fresh.

Does anyone have a link for the "bull" ad?

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This is just eye candy. That's it. Not much of an idea here. So they came up with another way to say "keep your clothes looking black" and then did a ton of see-say/pun visuals. Props on the execution though. Shouldn't have won a Gold unless there was some sort of "craft" category...

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Fucking crazy nice and new!

I think this is the best print of the year. Again TBWA/paris create a new lenguage for prints. Congratulation.

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ethereal art direction ... this is the 'Thai SPCA' of 2008

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