June 2010

Little girls always used dolls as a means of escape.
In the 1920's it was the only way out of the brothels of China.
While their sisters in the West were marching for their right to vote,
life for women was unforgivingly harsh in pre-communist China.
Which is the Door of Hope Dolls at Mint Museum of Joys is now the most authentic record of what life was like nestled between century-old shop houses opposite The Raffles Hotel, this museum is dedicated to archiving one of the world's finest and most desirable collection of themed toys. All in their prisitne glory.

Advertising Agency: Y&R, Singapore
Chief Creative Officer: Marcus Rebeschini
Executive Creative Director: James Procter
Creative Director: Mark Fong
Copywriter: Mark Fong
Art Director: Somjai Satjatham
Illustrator: Magic Cube/Sam Ng
Photographer: Teo Studio
Typographer: Somjai Satjatham
Prop Master: Kin Yee
Account Manager: Chanderni Devi
Account Supervisor: Anthony Khoo
Art Buyer: Kirby Ho

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Forget readability! This is why you try harder to read it! I think this is brilliant!

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Come on, everyone knows that is not the right typeface for such a long text. Adding it as a part of the object makes it even boring.

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Once again, visually interesting, but unreadable.

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Same as the last one, nice visual with unreadable copy. | | wordjones

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nicely done

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Activity Score 80


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Feels like a crime against readability. If the main tagline, didn't break up so much it would be a lot better.

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Very nice visual but the fonts... OMG... I think even the client cannot read these words.

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I was passing by this museum and wondering what was this about. not sure if I had saw this ads first I would have go in... and the doll looks creepy

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Forget readability! This is why you try harder to read it! I think this is brilliant!


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