Minnesota Zoo: Faces of the African Forest, Horizon

See the inseparable nature of nature itself.

To promote the opening of a new exhibit where the animals live together in an environment with the same animals and vegetation they would live with in their native Africa.

Advertising Agency: Preston Kelly, Minneapolis, USA
Creative Director: Chris Preston
Art Director: Anne Taylor
Copywriter: Terry Thomas
Photographer: stock
Additional credits: Retoucher: Mike Fritz
Print Producer: Krista Kraabel
Published: May 2010


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Man oh man. The golden days of Minnesotta advertising have well and truly gone haven't they. Tom McElligot will be spinning in his grave. And don't tell me he's not dead - the first ad in this campaign killed him.

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jackal hunts
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Some how the ad works for me...

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mismatch....you killed it. Could have been way better. Find the murderer or murderers and show 'em the inseparable nature of nature itself. What a phony work.

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wanky line, awful production qualities

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nice copy

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I don't like the line, concept or execution.

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