Mini: Rocker, 4

Rock legends by mini.
Check out if you're a real rocker on

Advertising Agency: D’Adda/Lorenzini/Vigorelli/BBDO, Milan, Italy

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the concept was good for mini but i can not lokk at it anymore

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The Police

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1394 pencils way.....the police?!....i woulda never gotten these in a trillion years if not for you!!

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wow. how about you take out your aggression on the crap ad instead of Eugens comments?

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Easy big fella, the_ashlands wasn't taking anything out on Eugens. He was saying that if it wasn't for Eugens, he never would have made the connection to the Police.

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actually your both wrong...i just found it annoying that he was pointing out the obvious...there was no aggresion in my comment by the way...didnt mean to offend anybody...sorry people

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oh, well then I take my comment back. I thought you didn't get it, and were being sincere. Sorry mikelite. I didn't catch on to the_ashlands' sarcasm.

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good art work

Intelligent ads are the need of the hour.

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i am confused, i mean is too obvious but at the same time is difficult to get it( why is that?
or is just me?

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same as virgin that won cannes 2006.

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Such a clumsy, naive, obvious campaign.
And you just know the "check out the website" bit will be just as shite.

Thanks for putting it up just the same, Ivan.
Great lessons for us in how not to think.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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