Mini: Rocker, 3

Rock legends by mini.
Check out if you're a real rocker on

Advertising Agency: D’Adda/Lorenzini/Vigorelli/BBDO, Milan, Italy

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you can do what ever with it.
its like haven kaviar and chanpagne every day.
its boring one after a week.

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this is no good… it's not pretty in the way mini ads use to be…

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What's the band here? Please don't tell me The Doors?!?!? Jim Morrison would be rolling around in his grave seeing his band represented this way! If whoever made this ad knew anything about The Doors, they would never have used this visual, especially this colour.

There's got to be another answer.

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why doors? i dont get it!!!sorry)

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ooooo, ok, now a get it, and i agree with PaulyG

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How did this one even get through research.
Yeah, research!
You guys know about research, don't you?

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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forget about the fact that it's demeaning to the doors... (that is if it's meant like that)
you can put any 4 doors of any car and still get the same result. and like said above,
not pretty to be a mini ad... sorry..

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