Mini: Rain

The New Mini Cabrio. Always Open.

Advertising Agency: Plantage, Berlin, Germany
Creative Directors: Jason Schragger, Karl Dunn, Sandra Schilling
Art Directors: Johannes Jost, Janine Jales
Copywriters: Martin Beswick, Benjamin Schwarz
Photographer: Simon Puschmann
Retoucher: Zerone
Published: January 2009


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Cool campaign. Typical Mini attitude. I like the headlines and the straight forward design.

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Nice 'n simple. Fun lines. Like 'em.

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only this one seems good.. in the series...

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just write
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what's the idea?????????? RAIN is 4 letter word so what???????

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It means it's just a word. It's unimportant. It's meant to be ironic.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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rain is the 4 letters of MINI

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Your parents must be so proud of your private schooling.

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We supose to got wet, frozen or something? Is that a POSITIVE point? I don't think so, sorry!

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I think the photography is sexy as hell, but I agree with the other comments... these are just not as fun as most Mini adverts.

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i like. mini always had nice headlines with a sense of irony and attitude. seems that most people here don't understand irony and rather prefer straight forward headlines like "great car, cheap, buy it now". Maybe add some naked chicks and everyone would praise the ads.

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i agree with comments of the above.....naked girls et al.....but the ads are nicely executed....good headlines and as is the usual style of mini with the big really catches attention....good photography too.....

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S (1) H (2) I (3) T (4)

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