Mini: Rain

Coming Soon. The New Mini Cabrio. Always Open.

Advertising Agency: Plantage, Berlin, Germany
Creative Directors: Jason Schragger, Karl Dunn, Sandra Schilling
Art Directors: Janine Jales, Johannes Jost, Thorsten Berger
Copywriters: Martin Beswick, Benjamin Schwarz, Ralf Reinsberg
Photographer: Matt Hoyle
Published: January 2009


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one of the oldest ideas on the book when it comes to convertible cars.

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These are really uninteresting.

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it is persuading not to buy mini cabrio.

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Whatsamatta U
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open to wat?? sorry if its a dumb ques bt im unable to understand!

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what a problem this car.

i^m a junior copywriter and i have no job, probably, because the lobby (like this) ...

maybe people with a flaming hair always or smile because the wind, you now, the speed and wind....
something "good"it can work.

excuse mi inglsh.
soy chileno


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Maybe I'm revealing a bit too much about my web browsing history but the headline and image is a bit of a cheap shot. Ha ha. See what I did there? Almost as lazy as the ad.

- The only thing more rare than a good ad is a good guest comment -

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Yeah, the image is taken straight from the cover of Throat Gaggers 4.

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comming soon? it looks as if its too late - someone came ... bukakke ruined my car

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agreed,,, i think they spelled it wrong though ;)

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First idea fot this brief

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Simple idea. Well executed. works for me.

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Rob Renzo
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Nice work. Always Open to what life throws at us. The rest of the campaign is good too.

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i really like it. the look in her eyes. it's a bit crazy. like all mini drivers secretly are.

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straight forward. not much thinking needed to understand. get's your attention. means it works, no?

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it is actually not that bad.
despite the fact that they make the ad to be a slice of life - awful truth perhaps,
but i have to agree with MatMad, it did gets your attention. (:
in the aftermath, it will be up to how the audience wanna interpret or decipher the ad.

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just write
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In this whole campaign i Have question.. that this car is open to WHAT??????? all the creatives are focused on mini... then y is the branding line "always open" it should hav been "MINI"...

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It's a cabrio.... you get it? 'open'
Anyone noticed these ads are 'open' as well: the border of the ad on top is missing. That's not a coincidence...

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they ok

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ahhhh c'mon. it's pretty. pretty shitty.

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really good work. it's simple. it's to the point. it looks good. you get it immediately.
unlike some of the other shit that gets posted on the site.

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