January 2011

Mini Cooper S. 184 hp.

Advertising agency: Gitam BBDO, Tel Aviv, Israel
Chief Creative Director: Guy Bar
Creative Director: Danny Yakobowitch
Head Team creative Director: Igal Ezra
Copywriter: Orel Bitan, Kobi Cohen
Art Director: Evgeni Zlatopolsky
Photoshop: Amit Hendler
VP Account Manager: Dror Tankus
Account Director: Eyal Blechman
Account Supervisor: Roni Marian
Account Manager: Meirav Ben-Ari

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I love the ponies

That's it.

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Activity Score 777

Like it much. Not less. More.

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Activity Score 9

smart idea, good execution... great work!

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Activity Score 4225

At last, inevitability. Thundrous applause for this only... any ADs there want to rankle the audience with some shadow comments about the front-of-house pony?


Good, just the clapping sheep then.

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jajajaja avery nice... i love it

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Activity Score 620

cool stuff :)

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execution is superb !!

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Activity Score 54

idea is OK but the terrible photoshop work is embarrassing- the plants they're stepping on look like it was done by a blind photoshopist.

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Jaap Grolleman
Activity Score 6992

Hehe it's cute - photoshop seems very vague indeed.

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how those mini horses beat big horses?

life is a playground

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doesn't matter! you get 184 ponies man!!! =D

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Ha. Funny.

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Jon-Paul Mountford
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Activity Score 4225

Can't help but think someone's been studying at the 'one-card game of Snap' school of thought. Any photo of wild horses captured like that is going to involve the herd not running into the camera/photographer. Though I do recall that winning photo in a still from Champion the Wonder Horse, way back.

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- @mbi

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- The kind of idea that begs to be analysed.
- It looks like the AD has done the illustration, should have used expert in PS for the final execution.
- Overall, it's not a MINI ad.

Nice try.

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Olvin Rivera

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Activity Score 5142

It's not slick. But tell me, is it possible we're edging here into an area of expressionistic Photoshop (if you will) where it is intentional that it not look as nailed down as an electronics ad? Maybe the hooves and legs are supposed to disappear here and there. Maybe there are supposed to be 7 different light sources. Maybe the dodgy stab at selective focus is intentional. Of course such a notion will drive image professionals bonkers. 'Not saying "let's learn to love sloppy work". I'm just saying should we be asking ourselves if this feels good rather than is it correct? (Am I the only one who has seen the time when an "image professional" sanitized and sapped the vigor out of a down and dirty Photoshop layout by an AD?)

That's it.

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Billoughsby you're stretching flexibility into fluid here, and I for one think that approach should be extended to a more lenient eye on the copy side of things to. More metaphors, less similes. a Fewer distinct boundry when it comes to correct capitalization and maybe even spelling isself or consistency in capitalisation for a start; and lets allow these creatives to let lose on their own rulebooks they make themself so we can enjoy the real thinking behind the thought of the idea their telling us. Who knows, we may see the day when ads are so good we almost dont know there done by professionals.

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"we may see the day when ads are so good we almost don't know there done by professionals"

That's genius! Thanks for refreshing the dialog here.

That's it.

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See, you couldn't help but add an apostrophe that wasn't there in the original - THAT'S ingrained professionalism right there.

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