Mini Max: Football

For small efforts. Pepsi Max

Advertising Agency: GITAM/BBDO, Israel
Creative Director: Guy Bar
Creative Director: Igal Hazan
Art Director: Yael Gerzon
Copywriter: Daniel Zaks
Illustrator: Ariel Vitkon
Account managers: Adi Cohen, Noa Paz
Published: July 2009


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Nidal Almohtadi
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bad photoshop

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r u being objective or is the comment have something to do with the fact that the ad is from Israel?

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bad astronaut
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not really bad photoshop.

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done by springer&jacoby, germany in i think 2004? for görtz shoes.

Jesterbrand's picture
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Great idea! 10 stars for the concept!

This one is the most recognizable as being the "wrong way" in the series. I do like the idea!

HOWEVER... I agree the photo editing of this picture is horrid! You can see the blur marks where they tried to join/clone stamp the images together. It is highly disappointing to see how this really good idea was executed.

Still... I like the idea, so 5 stars.

tridipnandi's picture
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these are grass or reserve forest...??? very very bad photoshop...

CurryJ's picture
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Is that all you can see? What about the idea?

I think; therefore I am

KESHAV's picture
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good concept. bad presentation

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