Mini: Letter L

Incredibly Mini. The new Mini.
Losers would brake now.

Agency: Jung von Matt/Alster, Hamburg, Germany
Creative Directors: Goetz Ulmer, Oliver Voss
Art director: Julia Ziegler
Copywriters: Baki Kiper, Dennis May, Fabian Frese, Jo Marie Farwick, Tobias Grimm, Susanne Härtwig, Max Biedermann
Photographer: Uwe Düttmann
Illustrators/Graphic artists: Javier Suarez Argueta, Simon Hiebl, Florian Zwinge, Michael Wilk, Damja Pita


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Modal Writer
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these are so damn good i just can't stand it. the perfect combination of line and art direction.

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in some of these the perspective looks somewhat strange. i think that's the only negative point i could find...

they're fantastic. but i still think the legendary 'is it love' campaign jvm did before is unbeatable.

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cool stuff.

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no way, it's great

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awesome campaign. although duno wether its necessary to have so many repeated letters. but still cool =)

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chintan ruparel
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eureka! this is cool and nice...

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

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Fu***ing awsome, please hire me!!!!!

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I'm not sure I like it, and Ivan, what's up with posting all 900 executions?

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Heh, sorry to flood the page! I though it would look cool. There are more, but I thought this is enough...

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agreed. this is almost spamming with executions.

it now reads: LUHNJEFPZOOFSCS with mini-ads. why not type somthing funny? :)


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Super Awesome campaign, so many compliment here but i still can't stop to add mine :P because i love these and i love mini :P

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why?! what the hell is going on that's making everyone wet themselves?! these seem like flat lines with boring art direction.

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Boony wants a beer
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Couldn't agree more. CP+B's stuff over the last few years pisses all over this. And so does that outdoor stuff that gave corner's ratings out of 10 from Colenso NZ (I think?). And pretty much everything else Mini has done. These are just average ads with boring lines.

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Couldn't agree more..... these are just average ads...can someone explain what all about, please.. are theese all comments from germany or u all really think this is a great campaign?
just to understand what's cool now....

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22 pencils

Couldn't agree more..... these are just average ads...can someone explain what's all about, please.. are theese all comments from germany or u all really think this is a great campaign?
just to understand what's cool now....

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adorable just like the car!!! completely complimenting the product!!! cheers to the writer, art director, the guy in the room when it was conceived and all the ideas before this that are in the bin. it was all worth this!!!

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Go back to the bin I reckon, must have been at least a couple of ideas better than this trash.

I presume you're being sarcastic?

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it's too easy to knock non-cpb ads for mini.
these ads rock, they're just a little more traditional.

the art direction is so strong that they can build 1000 executions off it. to me, that defines a great campaign.

nice work.


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These are fresh and simple. The number of executions goes to show you just how extendable the campaign is.

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Corona Raymaker
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I watched every one of this series now and read all the comments and I totally agree with everyone that asked "what's the idea?/what's this about?"
This is about nothing. There is no fantastic creative idea in this. It's showing a stylish car in an uncommon enviroment for no further reason than to catch the looks! I am not doubting, that it achieves that goal - but that's everything.

And I think that philosophy is significant for JvM.

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i cant say that i like my opinion its boring, contrived, and repetative beyond belief. all i can think of is those abc's book for kids..."T" is for This is overrated..

by far the worst mini campaign ive seen to date.

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Corona Raymaker
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Oh, forgot to mention: Execution also lacks of professionalism in some of them. Failings in correct perspective.

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Sorry but this campaign is mediocre. The lines seem to be written by a 15 year-old at an ESL class. To those who said you love this campaign, Fess up! You guys are Germans, right?

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whoa whoa whoa

im german buddy..ease off the high horse

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Corona Raymaker
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Eh Monsieur JB,

I am in fact german. And I agree with you.
And I also know some german creatives who totally agree with me in terms of hating JvM because they suck so damned much... :D

"Ease off the high horse" xDDD

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Have you got any idea where this series of ad is released? Thanks!
am doing an evaluation on this ad...will greatly appreciate it!

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