MINI John Cooper Works: Superheroes

Advertising Agency: Black RiverFC, Johannesburg, South Africa
Creative Director: Ahmed Tilly
Art Director: Justin Joshua
Copywriter: Dave Topham
Illustrator: Andree Wallin
Other additional credits: Hilary Simpson
Published: November 2008


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Sorry- the rationale for this was not included when we posted it. It might help to put the ad in context as it will answer some questions:
The ad ran in the Obrigado magazine which is published quarterly. Every edition has a theme which the contributors and advertisers are expected to follow. This edition's theme was Superheroes. On the next page was a very CI driven ad for the John Cooper Works with packshot, logos and all the info, so we could afford to get away without any of that here.

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Context is all well and good, but it took me a bit of study to figure out exactly what you were saying here. My first hit was "the Cooper can survive anything", and I found myself then looking at the minutae of the illustration -- which means I almost missed the *real* intent: that the superheroes were standing around admiring the Cooper while the city went to hell. That's not a conceptual error but a compositional one that, had it been avoided, would have made for a much stronger ad.


No, I am not a media buyer.

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The superheroes car. Is it the message? But city in hell. It can cretae misperception or negative perception to the brand.

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odd they mixed marvel and DC characters together.

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I must say it took me 5 seconds to read the words and take in the meaning. For me it works! And even made me laugh when I got it. Ok, the figures are small and you have to take in the scenario to understand the concept, but that's the fun of it: having to interpret the thing! Specially if it was published in a magazine, when you have all the time to contemplate the page.

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wow, so much details. nice artwork.

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Guest commenter

good one

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One of the best for mini i have seen

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does anyone one see the golf gti?

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