Mini: Gun

The devil is in the details.

The ad was placed in the Obrigado Magazine, a quarterly magazine that themes each edition. This edition's theme was Wild Wild West.

Advertising Agency: Black RiverFC, Jozi, South Africa
Creative Director: Ahmed Tily
Art Director: Justin Joshua
Copywriter: Dave Topham
Illustrator: Luma Studios
Photographer: Clive Stewart Photography
Other additional credits: Jono Garret

September 2008


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good one!

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Am I missing something? Where's the devil/details copy line? I mean, the ad stands more or less okay on its own (nice job of combining Photoshop with breaking down a real pistol, but anyway...), but if you're putting that kind of line out there with its display here, shouldnt it be part of the ad?

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The line is in the badge.

Its all 3D by the way.

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Man, that's burying it deep.

All 3D? I'm impressed.

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lovely art direction...detail is great.

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Very crafty, but why a gun?

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Pieter Decanniere
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Speed kills?
Strange ad.

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This MINI John Cooper Works ad was placed in the Obrigado Magazine, a
quarterly magazine that themes each edition(available at Vida e Cafe). This edition's theme was Wild
Wild West.

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well now it makes some sense. just the ad out of context was like miss south carolina: quite pretty, but... well... you know.

actually i thought for a second that mini was unleashing a sports bike. unless they already have one, i should probably know that.

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Works better for me with this placement. But even then it's a bit of a stretch.

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Because you will win all your challenges...

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it feels a bit dull somehow because you've replaced the car parts with the a gun but at the same time is kinda fun to see all the 'replaced' parts.

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This is absolutely beautiful to look at, very nicely crafted. I know what it's saying but,
there's another message which is CRAP.
MINI is a killing machine?
Jesus Christ people.

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A beautiful AD that doesn't work.

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Agreed. Need placement explanation to work.

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this is such a boring idea

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