November 2008

Print advertisment created by BBDO, Canada for Milk, within the category: Other.

Natural source of comfort.

Advertising Agency: BBDO Montréal, Canada
Creative Director: Daniel Andréani
Creative Group Director: Cher Campbell
Art Director: Dominique Audet
Copywriter: Christopher Jones
Project Director: Lyne Clermont
Account Executive: Mélie-Jade Dagenais
Print Producer: Michèle Blanchette
Retoucher: François Brisson
Graphics Designers: Martin Filion, Michael Joseph

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it's pretty obviuos...

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Awful idea.

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Who's the target?

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f***! this crap is a natural source of discomfort!! Anybody seen the new campaign on shikoba...fantastic idea, great insight! You guys rock wherever u are! Cannes, watch out!

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waaaaay off and inconsistent.'s picture
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c'est capotant.
vive le quebec libre

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Libre, je ne sais pas mais créatif se serait déjà pas mal... Parce que le là. Vraiment là. J'vois pas de créativité.

Pour être libre, il faut être créatif pour imaginer un autre monde. Pour être libre, le Québec devra être créatif et visionnaire. C'est pas le cas actuellement.
Levesque était un créatif, il a apporté des projets et une volonté d'avenir. Un rêve.

La pub québécoise ne me fait plus rêver.

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depressing and dull

~~this paranoid survived!~~

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Javier Ramírez
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Limpieza y blancura igual a confort? Esa es la analogía?
Muy pobre.
Buen arte de todos modos.

Chief Creative Director Nexus BBDO

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Si tu es déprimé, bois du lait. Belle promesse...

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What? İs it a riddle. Peh :S

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Where in the hell did a miner in a mine get a glass of milk? from the fridge?

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too many stupid comments...nice photo, clear concept.

easy to say "art director".

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In a post on one of the other executions I said that this is a "so what", uninspired and boring idea.
Besides that, I think the real problem here is that the strategy is showing.
This is an example of a planner coming to the conclusion that their research shows that milk is the comfort place (or drink) to some people and the creatives being as lazy as not to interpret that thought in an interesting way and literally executing it. We are not given a reason or an insight. We are not told why is milk a comfort place, or what are the implications, etc. It's surface thinking. There's not an interesting concept.

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Good photography doesn't make a concept. This is like a 30s Leo Burnett ad.

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it's pretty obviuos...