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I like it. Smart and funny. Only some of the shadows look a bit wrong.

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The first two are the best!

I think the copy line's translation doesn't do it justice. I think it might be better as 'such a complex world needs a simple explanation' but even so it gets across the idea well as it is.

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Really good ideas. Nothing spectacular. What's up with the red background on this one? Rips it out of the entire campaign.

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at first i didn't like it, the bart, bush example. though, umm, another one of those.

but this is a great example of how different ways to how examples in the campagn woks well. it's like each ad is new and you look for the next one... really liked the gorilla, razor one, then the sweater for hugo chaves... great.

LOVE it. congrats.

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The Boston Globe did this exact campaign last year.

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Here we go again, using famous guys to do an ad so people would say oooh....aaah!

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but if they were to use unknowns, you wouldnt get it.

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