Microsoft Virtualization: Piggy

The barriers to virtualization fall away. You do more. You save more. How far will you take virtual?

Advertising Agency: McCann Ericsson, San Francisco, USA
Art Director: MaryAnn Saltonstall
CGI: SuperFad
Via: sharpeonline


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like the other 2 better, it's not bad though

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You're encaged in a small room with a lot of pigs. You have nowhere to go, but you do more, you save more. This must've been directed to bosses, HR depts, all those who love to treat us like hamsters but pretend to be caring for us. Must've worked for thet target. I just wonder why someone placed it here.

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J Designer
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these pigs look just like the Bank of New Zealand pigs...

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I´m certanly not an american advertising fan.

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