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October 2009
Advertising Agency: Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Boulder/Miami, USA
Co-Executive Creative Directors: Rob Reilly, Andrew Keller
Creative Director: Tim Roper
Interactive Executive Creative Director: Jeff Benjamin
Assistant Creative Director / Art Director: Dave Steinke
Assistant Creative Director / Copywriter: Michael Craven
Head of Video, Integrated Production: Matt Bonin
Executive Integrated Producer: Paul Gunnarson

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I'm assaulted with these ads in the SF Muni station each morning. I hope someone spoofs these.

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i dont get it

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Sure is a lot of Creative Directors for such a boring, bad, and embarrassing campaign. Wowzers.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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this ad does 3 things:

1. it says: "we from microsoft finally listened to your ideas and suggestions."
2.the agency wanted to communicate: "pc users, you can be proud of being the driving force behind the new and better windows 7! no need to be ashmed to be a pc user anymore!"
3. the client wanted to attack apples "im a pc and im a mac" ads and turning it into their favor.

this is why it doesnt work:

- you cant just grab young and stylish LOHAS and position em as pc users. mac already claimed them. the visual still screams " im a mac" even if the text tells otherwise.


- an insight is that microsoft is hated, its a part of urban culture today to hate microsoft. why dont you capitalize on that?

- mac users are often regarded as snobs. macs are pricey and are regarded as fashion victims pcs. capitalize on that!

- there are loads of persiflage about apples mac ads mocking mac users. capitalize on them!!!

the ad above is lacking a real consumer insight. its lacking this extra bit of "digging deeper into the problem."
it also lacks the consequence in taking on apple. you need o use the stereotypes they created and use them against them.
look at canon and nikon for example:

canon: "let's play"
nikon: "no toys. but tools"

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i just saw the german tvc for that campaign and must say that the tv version is much better.
it plays with the geeky image and is funny.

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the only thing i learnt from this campaign is this comment
thank you,
hats off

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10 stars to this comment

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what do u expect from a PC?... Creativity? Innovators?

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i am pc users and i didn't get any idea from windows. windows just tools.
yes i totally agree with guest who said 3 things above..

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Well, the photography is good.

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no matter how hard they try windows is not cool...

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opposite of u
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stupid.C.P.B should be ashamed of themselves...

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I'm assaulted with these ads in the SF Muni station each morning. I hope someone spoofs these.