Mickey's Hangover: Lied

Mickey's Hangover is located in Scottsdale, which is known for its snotty attitude. In a town where its hard to get into a club where your name is not on a list, Mickey's is the perfect alternative.

Advertising Agency: r&r Partners, Phoenix, USA
Art Director: Richard Haynie
Copywriter: Steve Yamamori
Photographer: Blair Bunting
Published: June 2007


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I like it

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I lied. I don't like it at all.

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42 pencils

I take it the creatives weren't allowed into these other clubs, and that's why these seem a tad bitter. :)

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I've been to Mickey's. The bar is so much cooler than these ads. Seriously, this is it? R&R has down some pretty cool print in the past, what happened here?

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Roger the Dodger

I believe you're probably thinking of the main R&R agency located in Las Vegas. This work was done in their outer office in Phoenix. the idea clearly a copycat of many others, but it does "work," in my opinion.

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