Michurin: Selection

Where mind meets art

Self-promo print reveals the Michurin agency positioning - the selection of best professionals as well as ideas. We mixed the outstanding mind of Albert Einstein with the extravagant nature of Salvador Dali. The result of this exclusive selection became an ideal creator. "Michurin" - the place where mind meets art.

Advertising Agency: Michurin, Kyiv, Ukraine
Creative Directors: Bolsunovskiy Dima, Metneva Ira
Art Director: Prokopchuk Sergey
Copywriter: Dragan Misha

August 2012


Black Hour's picture
Black Hour
368 pencils

Student idea.
Not THAT bad though.

bate_palmas's picture
1479 pencils

Man this would have worked in 1960

At least it's understandable

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Eri M's picture
Eri M
82 pencils

I like the idea, but the art direction (if any) is very poor.
I don't understand why you had to extract the subject from the background.

emiliete's picture
646 pencils

I think people in the agency and friends are voting for the work, hahahahahaha... don't do that, people, it's obvious the work is bad, old, irrelevant...

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710 pencils


AKnox's picture
11 pencils

Why is Einstein (that doesn't look like Einstein, he looks like an old man) is wearing a hoodie. He should be wearing a suit or be with his tongue out (his most famous picture). I do like the concept, but not the execution, its pretty, but is lacking some details.

Black Hour's picture
Black Hour
368 pencils

Maybe they wanted to add a "street-art" element and not have juste "classical art"

goldi's picture
343 pencils

oldschool as idea, too blur and sharp bad image quallity..

tazyboy's picture
777 pencils

totally agree with emiliete... give me one good reason why is it here???

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