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"I have no friends, and don't want any." - Michelangelo

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He was only helping out while they were busy.

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Awful, must have been done by the mediocre MD and the whole highly-nicotined teeth team.

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Michelangelo tinha um irmão, Richarlyssangelo, que perto dele era um verdadeiro gladiator.

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Drew Ovard
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There's no proof of Michelangelo being gay, and he would not advocate in the defense of gay people during those dark times in which he lived. He is not a gay hero, you should have used a more contemporary character like Oscar Wilde.

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How can you be gay, before the term even existed? Homosexual-Heterosexual terms are new terms to refering men or women sleeping with the same sex.

Back then, sleeping with someone of your sex was not a way of life or something to be proud of (or not) it was just common behaviour. Its like tomorrow we divide everyone that goes to Mcdonalds from those who go to Burger King.

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Sir Muddy Waters
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This ad is a single waste of time too. But... you know... I've already heard about guys that come out of the closet, but never ever heard about dead people coming out of the coffins. Do their mama know that as well?

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