MG Motors: Famous face

To use a famous face to promote this car was a possibility to make you buy it.
$25,000 v/s any advertising speculation

Advertising Agency: Leche2, Santiago, Chile
Creative Director: Pedro Vial
Art Director: Cristián Guerrero
Copywriter:Patricio Reyes, Raimundo Undurraga
Published: June 2009


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oh, the old advetising-sucks ad trick. but not very elegant

strange car-shot for this kind of ad. what does it look like? very average from this angle.

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Grace Bastien

I'm sorry. But No, no, no, no, no.

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you are saying: "well, we are an advertising agency but you don´t need us coz your car is good enough". or: "please nike, your messi shox are incredible, why keep wieden + kennedy?" or "sony bravia doesn´t need no juan cabral coz he is an advertiser speculator"

this tricky jokes are not for 2009. we need to be deep. we need to think.

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Pirate of the Caribbean:

I thought to post a comment about this campaign
to make bloggers believe I'm a clever guy.

5 minute idea campaign vs advertising speculation

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Esto es publicidad anti publicidad y hay que ser valiente para usarlo. Respeto esta campaña.

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what are these pencils for? how will i get them?

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Only registered user can collect points. It shows how active a certain member is. More here:

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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