Meydan Beach: You'll find a way, 2

You'll find a way.
Maydan Beach. The new exclusive beach experience you'll do anything to be a part of.

Meydan Beach is the new exclusive beach experience you’ll do anything to be a part of. It features beautifully shot men and women going to great lengths (parachuting and digging) to arrive at this luxury destination. The call-to-action: Belong.

Advertising Agency: Gyro, Dubai, UAE
Executive Creative Director: Guilherme Rangel
Art Director: Charlotte Morand
Copywriter: Neil Harrison
Photographer: Uwe Koerner
Production Company: Good Stills
Published: November 2012


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the other one ws bttr.....

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like the photography and layout

groovy baby!

eins-eins-null's picture
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not bad, but not creative in my opinion. just funny.

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It's a tough category. I think this is a cut above other resort ads.

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Photography is good.

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Nice shot and layout, but not so sure about the idea.

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