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March 2010

Print advertisment created by BBDO, Italy for Metzele, within the category: Automotive.

New Metzeler Sportec M5 Interact.
Until now you've simply turned corners.

Advertising Agency: D'Adda, Lorenzini, Vigorelli, BBDO, Milan, Italy
Creative director: Stefania Siani/Federico Pepe
Art Director: Luca Menozzi
Copywriter: Luca Bartoli
Photographer and Post production: Garrigosa
Creative supervision: Anselmo Tumpic, Giovanni Salvaggio
Account Director: Emanuela Munafò
Account Executive: Francesca Rapparelli

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TheKid's picture
Activity Score 184

am i missing smthing

ivan's picture

I missed it too. It's a knee pad attached to the helmet.

Adaddicted's picture
Activity Score 3435

Photography is good,
retouching... mmm... not too bad, now please tell me that you are talking about the tyre or the bike?!

You guys produced 'a tyre packed with new innovations', but for AotW's sake... do not publish your ads in English.


bricard's picture
Activity Score 189

They're talking about the tire not the bike. I can't think of the right word right now, but these tires will...hug the corner. I like the photography and the direction they're going. I think for the copy though, maybe "taken corners" would be better? I don't know.

As far as the pad on the helmet, I wonder what % of people will/would notice that.

royschellekens's picture
Activity Score 390

It's way to forced! Somewhere the creatives took the wrong turn! :-P

Hate advertising? Make better ads.

Prime83's picture
Activity Score 497

This is one of those ads that confuse me rather than sell me something.

Sven Gali's picture
Sven Gali
Activity Score 845

Somebody over thought this one...hence they will lose rather than amuse

Enduwolf's picture
Activity Score 165

I think you're all looking at this as professionals, not motorcycle enthusiasts. The target market will recognise this and understand it immediately and for the most part, find it amusing. I know I did.

And they are knee sliders, not pads. They're there to protect your leathers (in this case, helmet) more than rider safety.

spiergallo's picture
Activity Score 69

The concept is good, but very very slow...

raghavendra's picture
Activity Score 232

i like the tag line "always 2 wheels ahead"

casper's picture
Activity Score 3

the idea itself is easy to get by non-bikers. but you're not selling to non-bikers...

but in the real non-advertising world any biker that loves knee/elbow dragging ABSOLUTELY HATES to drag his/her head on the asphalt, sliders on the helmet or not.
sticky rubber should KEEP YOU FROM sliding on your head!

you are in fact sending the exactly opposing message from the product's positioning! what you are showing is not safe and not fun.

it's easy to fall in love with an idea in the cozy agency, but it's not always bad to turn back to your consumer and see what the consumer needs and thinks :P

oh! and a big thumbs down to the guys from metzeler's marketing that approved such an ad.