I hEad an idea, Creative director

I hEad an idea
To cut your communication budget means to cut your own future.

Advertising Agency: Milc, Siena, Italy
Creative Director: Giampiero Cito
Art Director: Matteo Scheggi
Copywriter: Matteo Spadoni
Photographer: Bruno Bruchi
Strategic planner: Antonio Paolo
Published: September 2009


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I hEad a great idea.... Wonder what the Italian translation is. Besides that, cut off heads have been overused, for example by kesselskramer 'great haircuts'. Nice art though.

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Juan Cabral
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Even if the line worked in Italian, it wouldn´t save the idea.

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And I am not the real Juan Cabral, guys. So sorry for that!

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daring.. too much daring!!!

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what is this for? Is this an ad for an advertising agency? Or an ad for great ideas? Not that great anyways.

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how to "cut" a bad idea...

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I like photo and layout. And that´s all.

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Absolutely brilliant ... great work guys

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if these ads were originally created in italian, perhaps translation caused great problem


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