Metro Shoes: Shoe Lounge (Urban Shoes)

Happy Feet Make Happy People!

Advertising Agency: Makani Creatives, India
Creative Directors: Ashish Makani, Sameer Makani
Art Director: Bhushan B. Dalvi
Photographer: Prabhat Shetty
Additional Advertising Agencys: Sachin Dalvi

November 2009


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Jaap Grolleman
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somehow this is awkward :P

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"I disagree and yes the ad looks somewhat awkward. we don't even know if the inside of the shoe smells."

The more comments of yours I read, the more I think that you need serious psychiatric help.

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Lol.. I dunno. Weird concept. They couldn't just be walking in the shoes? The shoes have to be a theme park ride? A jazz lounge? I mean, isn't that just a bit of a stretch? Plus we don't even see THEM wearing the shoes.. I think this is meh..

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this copy is confusing. "Happy Feet" MEANS happy people by transferred ephitet. And those feet must've gotten happy by wearing those shoes - So the copy actually says 'happy people make happy people". Just a thought.

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this works for me.. The message is very clear here- everyday people have to put their shoes on while stepping out of their house- for work, for party and many more things.. no matter how gud and expensive ur suit is, if the shoes are not comfortable- it will make you cry..
'Happy Feet make happy people' is vry clear & effective to me


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