Shoe Drive (Driving Shoes)

November 2009

Print advertisment created by Makani, India for Metro Shoes, within the category: Fashion.

Happy Feet Make Happy People!

Advertising Agency: Makani Creatives, India
Creative Directors: Ashish Makani, Sameer Makani
Art Director: Bhushan B. Dalvi
Photographer: Prabhat Shetty
Additional Advertising Agencys: Sachin Dalvi

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Highest Rated

Rival2000's picture
Activity Score 45

Nice art work. Difficult to understand the concept tho.

Muneer Bhatti's picture
Muneer Bhatti
Activity Score 146

nice art direction in whole campaign

CopyRight's picture
Activity Score 713

Such a great art deserves a better copy.

naseer's picture
Activity Score 57

yah.. you are right
I think the word comfort would work better here than happy.. although it worked very well for the kids ad

Marlus Lau's picture
Marlus Lau
Activity Score 1808

No, no! This is terrible.

The steering wheel is at his stomach. Possibly the picture of this lad is not from the up-angle, but from the front. So the perspectives are wrong.

Or am I wrong?

Also...poor idea!

silvi's picture
Activity Score 4172

Bad copy, good idea.

mgriff21's picture
Activity Score 592

Nice art direction - but what's the concept? ...

I'm here doing this, but feel I should be there doing that. But to do that, I have to be doing this. Does this make sense or do I have to explain that?

artcat10's picture
Activity Score 27

copy :(


Adaddicted's picture
Activity Score 3435

For me the statement is true; if you have aching feet, you cannot be happy!


rolling.stone's picture
Activity Score 2741



~ Quite obviously, I have gathered no moss ! ~

Ed Rapport's picture
Ed Rapport
Activity Score 724

i think the perspective should be viewer looking down into the shoe, flat! These shoes are starting to hurt my feet. Pirouette? In leather loafers? I don't think so.. The copy is fine.

oliver79's picture
Activity Score 146

Creo que el copy esta algo haragan..... Me gusta mucho la gráfica!!!

martinroq's picture
Activity Score 4

¿Dónde están los que dicen que la carrera de COPYWRITTER está caducando? Urge un buen COPY!!!!

AKH's picture
Activity Score 29

The concept is very unrealistic. If the thought was Moving Happily then it culd have been executed very nicely. But the visual impact is gr8 on all the visuals...

Rival2000's picture
Activity Score 45

Nice art work. Difficult to understand the concept tho.