Metro: No Pictures

In November 2012, Metro readers were surprised to find their familiar (and favorite!) newspaper was completely without photos. Word quickly spread across social media that Metro had screwed up – a huge mistake. But of course: This was no mistake. The ad agency TBWA Copenhagen had been tasked with developing a sticky campaign for the world’s biggest photo competition: Metro Photo Challenge. This “No Picture Edition” paid tribute to pictures by proving how much we miss them when they are not there. This innovative campaign — together with a new platform and a fantastic photo expedition as a prize for the winners — proved highly successful as the Metro Photo Challenge 2012 received buzz on social media worldwide, which resulted in a 377% increase in participants, a 139% increase in visitors and 139% more photos. It was the sixth time the competition ran worldwide, and the results were better than ever before.

Advertising Agency: TBWA, Copenhagen, Denmark
Creative Director: Tom Olsen


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good. works

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although i dont tend to really believe these campaigns, cus more often than not theyre exaggerated.

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¿Qué se puede pensar de la seriedad de un medio que prefiere sacrificar las imágenes de sus noticias por hacer una campaña?

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Great idea.

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I like it when we say 'zero budget' then make a 4 minute case video. Perfect execution nonetheless.

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