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different and strong

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just great.

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Agency: CLM BBDO
Creative Director: Jean-François Sacco,
Gilles Fichteberg
Copywriter: Edouard Perarnaud
Art Director: Martin Darfeuille
Art Buyer: Sylvie Etchemaite
Photographer: Jean-Yves Lemoigne

We are all ignorants, but we don't all ignore the same things...

"We are all ignorants, but we don't all ignore the same things..."

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This one is the best in the campaign. "IGNORANCE" cannot be potrayed any simpler. Really thought-provoking! The best thing about the campaign is the simple, reality-driven, and jazz-free photography. Such photographs appeal more than the photoshoped. Great campaign!

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This add is hippocratic. Modern news do not care whether there is any homeless people or not. They only care for profit. So here they exploit the homeless (not the one in the picture who is obviously an actor) in order to sell more ads.