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This is not a good ad to me it has a lame idea in it and above all its forced.

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It's a very simple idea, but consider the target market. Not all bodybuilders are brain surgeons. Some of them are though.

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Agreed Ivan,
plus bulk and size is what they want... and fast.
The diminutive feminine hands don't hurt, either. ;)

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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This is a good ad for the market it's targeting. Learn to set yourself in the target audience's mind BigBadBlah, otherwise you won't get far in this business.

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For a body builder, who wants to beast out fast, this would the communicate the message clear and quick, and agreeing with Rog, the girls hands would help reinforce this stylistically for most body builders.

However, I do suspect that alot of body building ads run on a similar theme.

It would certainly be one of the first themes I would think of.

It's only an ad.

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I read BB magazines and the ads 99% of the time don't have any idea in them. Just muscles shown with chics as a side dish.

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it's a pity the photo was flipped and no one noticed the figures were the wrong way round. the idea is nothing wow.

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"Godoi's joke articles - new fake metric tape!"

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No fixed abode
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Post a photo of you giving us a pose down Ivan. Let's see how buff you are.

I'm shredded by the way. I'll post after you =)

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but the bigger your thighs are, the smaller your willy will become. ;-P

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