Metalatex: Finrabia

Metalatex Thermal Paint. A perfect temperature for your house.

Advertising Agency: Moma, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Creative Director: Rodolfo Sampaio
Art Director: Marco Martins
Copywriter: Adriano Matos
Photographer: Fernando Moussalli

April, 2010


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it's trying too hard...

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Oh no, another fake ad by the guy who made the WWF Tsunami ad:

I really don't get it, are those guys for real? Do they still want awards that much? Could someone please give him a gold lion or something, quick, so we can go back to the real ads?

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Why pointing your finger like this? I can't tell if it's real or not, but I like this campaign. 8/10

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Because I'm one of the stupid people working in this ad business thing who believe we should praise the few, the brave, the proud ideas that REALLY hit the streets.
Well, guess they'll come up with some kind of small skate/clubber scene magazine that will run the ads for free, so maybe I'll just have to shut up... Yeah, give them the awards!! Let's all have some martinis and be happy!! Fake ads rule, man!

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It's a good idea. I just think the whole 'temperature' idea should have been communicated a bit more clearly.

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can somebody plz tell me wt the idea is really?

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The mix of the two countries produces heat, hence the color.

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