Merchant Records: Diggin' for Soul Vinyl

"Diggin' for" means "searching for", and it is common slang among vinyl enthusiasts.

Advertising Agency: DDB Denmark
Creative Director: Jesper Schmidt
Art Director / Copywriter: Mikkel Møller
Photographer: Thomas Juul
Published: August 2009


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And they did it four times? Whether somebody is able to explain what for?

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imagination powered by knowledge

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ridiculous see/say

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If you're diggin' for the same idea four times

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No way. Did someone really do this? Terrible.

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Literally I'm being literal when I say this could have been a lot better.

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not only is it a pun its a pun that needs explaining and then still doesn't make sense.

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Perro Loco
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I don't like very much. Hermanos, what is "diggin"?

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This is the worst example of 'same idea done multiple times'. They may as well have used the same photo in all 4 ads.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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Epic fail.

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just write
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what the heck?... what is this?

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I agree with Zeus comment - maybe if the "digging" processes were different it would actually be interesting to see all 4 of them - as it is it is always demanding that we read the punch-line and.. well, it is not interesting enough to create that will, now is it?...

.: look for the green giant on the label :.

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when i saw it from afar i thought this is some sort of anti-landmine ad . with a line like "would you like your kids to find this in the garden?"

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