Mercedes-Benz: Pre-safe brake, 2

Because some things dangerously attract each other.

Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt/Donau, Vienna, Austria
Creative Directors: Andreas Putz, Georg Feichtinger, Thomas Niederdorfer
Art Director: Georg Feichtinger
Copywriter: Dietmar Voll
Illustrator: Denis Mujakovic
Graphics: Iris Haberzettl
Published: August 2012


mitali prasad's picture
mitali prasad
458 pencils

i didnt get the ad,,,:(.what are they trying to say?

Bruno Souri's picture
Bruno Souri
10 pencils

I think it's a little confusing, guys.

CommandZ's picture
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The only thing I can get out of this is that this is another way of saying opposites attract. Ugh.

meistershalis's picture
144 pencils

I see where they were heading with this, but it's lost in translation.

goldi's picture
279 pencils

A magnet's magnetic moment.

ankitadv's picture
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niko_17's picture
138 pencils

it's saying Opposites attract...good, to me not brilliant

mitali prasad's picture
mitali prasad
458 pencils

which opposites attract,,?

mazenokaily's picture
4 pencils

well it is an ad for a new feature in Mercedes the Pre-Brake something, so what they are trying to say is that because things attract etc... we created this new feature.. bla bla bla, terrible story telling, the pre brake thingy is written so small in the lower left part with no importance what so ever...

Ziggiy's picture
47 pencils

the positive and negative signs made this ad too obvious. and what are the cat and dog representing anyway?


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